Sean E. Haynes
Sean Haynes

Sean Haynes leveraged his extensive production ag experience and formal Agricultural Economics education (completing a B.S. in Agribusiness at Cal State Fresno) into a successful 15- year Food and Agribusiness banking career including financial analysis, commodity risk, portfolio management, and building a well performing $560mln debt portfolio as Senior Vice President in Rabobank’s Food & Agribusiness Division. His long standing client relationships span the entire food chain from production of numerous ag commodities to food processing & distribution managing transactions ranging from $10mln to $350mln.


Always a client advocate  and enjoying the financial advisory and risk management portion of his career the most, Sean took the opportunity to focus 100% of his work solely for his clients as their “in the pocket risk & finance expert”, co- founding AgriCFO in 2015. In his “spare time”, Sean also owns and operates 3N Farms, a livestock and hay operation located in Oakdale, California.

Tyler Rath
Tyler Rath

Tyler was raised in a small farming community in Central California. After graduating from high school, he went on to earn a degree in Business Administration from Long Beach State University and an MBA from Fresno State.


Tyler started his professional career managing commodities contracts for a large dairy feed company. After nearly 4 years in the commodity business, Tyler transitioned to a banking career in the Food and Agribusiness space where he has spent the past 8 and a half years managing and growing a loan portfolio of $180 million, which was comprised of dairy, permanent crops, annual crops, vineyard, winery, and food processing customers.


In 2015, Tyler co-founded AgriCFO with the goal of putting the power of financial analysis, bank relationship management, and risk management in the hands of producers.

AgriCFO was founded in 2015 by Sean Haynes and Tyler Rath in response to the changing financial landscape of Agribusiness. We believe that to survive, agriculture based businesses must be able to analyze and communicate their financial health, gain access to adequate capital, and have a comprehensive risk management plan. AgriCFO will consolidate all of these functions in an advisory service that works directly for the producer.