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Do you understand your bank’s loan process and what your banker needs to provide a quick and accurate approval of your requests?

AgriCFO helps bridge the farm to banker information gap by providing historical and up-to-date financial analysis of your operation, assembling a complete package of information that your bank needs in a format that they understand. We will also manage the loan request and approval process to make sure that it’s completed as quickly and fairly as possible.


Are you getting the access to capital that your operation needs and deserves?

AgriCFO will review and compare your bank rates and terms each year against benchmarks for similar operations to make sure that you are paying a fair rate, are provided borrowing ability, and are being held to requirements (financial tests and periodic reporting requirements) that are understandable, fit your operation, and do not restrict your ability to grow your business.


Do you have a risk management plan?

AgriCFO will analyze and update your cash flow information on a regular basis. We will show you your cost of production on a monthly basis. Our partnerships with commodity advisors (to which you will have access) will help you understand what is driving the markets. We will work with you as your risk management team to build a hedging plan that works… and that you understand.


Do you know what the next strategic move is?

AgriCFO will do the cost/benefit analysis on your upcoming projects. We can tell you exactly how much money your next “project” will make or save you. If your next “project” doesn’t make financial sense, we can propose a few ideas that will.


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